BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS Low Voltage

BYD, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries, develops and makes batteries for countless different uses, including grid-connected energy storage systems. BYD’s cobalt-free iron phosphate battery is the safest option available on the market today.

BYD’s third-generation solar Battery-Box Premium has received widespread acclaim. Launched in 2020, this award-winning battery solution is available in 2 series: a low-voltage and a high-voltage version. The lithium iron phosphate battery is 100% cobalt-free and complies with the highest safety standard.

The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS (Low Voltage) is a modular battery system that can be scaled up from 4kWh to 256 kWh. You will enjoy maximum flexibility thanks to the option to connect up to 64 battery modules in series. And with the patented plug-and-play design (internal plus system), there is no need for extra cables when scaling up.

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